New Rumble Seat demo video from down under – with Brett Kingman!

Brett Kingman is one fine guitar player. He has made quite a name for himself on youtube, as well as touring the globe. Brett was the first guitarist to do a video demo of the FuzzBubble-45! This time he took the Rumble Seat out fro a spin. Here’s what Brett has to say about it – “This pedal must be up there with the greatest ever go-tos for instant fun, function and portability. The Analog Alien Rumble Seat gives you a killer ’69 Plexi Drive along with a 25-650ms warm delay and one of the best Blackface Spring Reverbs I’ve heard. You can use each of the effects separately or run them together for styles ranging from rockabilly through to punk and classic rock”!

Thanks again Brett for a job well done!