Tony Pasko digs his Analog Alien Pedals

Meet Tony Pasko, guitarist extraordinaire and Analog Alien pedal endorsee!

Mr Pasko is one of the busiest guitars players around. Tony is a 15 year veteran of the music industry and is currently signed to Downboys Records – owned by legendary rock band Warrant. His debut EP “Noise” released in May followed by a Christmas CD “Band of Elves” in October of 2012 with sales and distribution in over 22 countries.

Tony writes music for T.V. shows on A&E, Spike TV, & The Weather Channel. His music is featured on A&E’s No.1 rated TV show Duck Dynasty. The season 3 premier broke an A&E record with 8.6 million viewers giving them a 4.0 rating among adults 18-49 edging out Fox’s American Idol and ABC’s Modern Family (both 3.9) in the national ratings. You can also hear his music on Auction Hunters, Savage Family Diggers & Reef Wranglers. His song “In this Moment” is featured in the independent short film “Dear Dad” that was just released at the Sundance Film Festival 2013.

Here’s what Tony has to say about his Analog Alien guitar pedals:

The Fuzzbubble 45 is a staple on my board and in my studio and in a little project studio like mine, volume is an issue and it’s great to be able to dial in a very natural tone at a low volume. Great tones inspire great riffs so I used the Fuzzbubble-45 a lot on my debut EP “Noise” as well on a couple of tracks from my Christmas CD “Band of Elves”.

I used to own a bunch of fuzz pedals until I played the Fuzzbubble 45!  Now I only own a couple from Analog Alien. These guys know what a pedal should do and they understand that there is a performance aspect to the gear that it has to feel organic and let the personality of the guitar come through which is not an easy thing to achieve.

The Alien Twister is not just a version 2 of the bubble but its own thing entirely. I love the way the Twister has low compression making it a great “Live” performance pedal.

The problem with a lot of fuzz pedals is that the square wave clipping causes the pedal to compress making it hard to hear live or sit in a mix without it being unbearably louder than everyone else. The Twister doesn’t have this issue making it more usable in a live situation and in the studio the twister gives you a whole lot of bandwidth making it a bigger sounding pedal than most. The added line buffer is just a smart addition giving the musician a practical application, these guys think of everything…

These pedals are on a lot of tracks in a lot of T.V. shows so chances are you have already heard what they can do. I can play anything and I have a lot of companies sending me gear but I only use the gear that works, and so far everything from Analog Alien WORKS!!!

Thanks Guys,

Tony Pasko