Gibson L1 Archtop 1921!

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Well, I finally got the chance to post a new fuzzZone video. I’m sorry that this one took a while to come out, but the FuzzBubble-45 and my recording schedule at Cloud 9 have kept me pretty busy in the last few months. However, I managed to complete this video a few days ago and I think you’re going to enjoy it very much.

A while back I did a fuzzZone video that featured my friend Marvin’s 1936 Gibson archtop guitar. You guys liked it so much that many of you emailed me requesting that I do more fuzzZone videos about vintage instruments. So to honor your requests, I decided to do just that. This time we’ll take a look at a guitar I bought back in 1988 – a vintage Gibson L1 archtop. This guitar is a fine example of early 1900’s Gibson craftsmanship. I really enjoyed making this video and I’m glad that I got the chance to share this guitar with all of you. I hope you enjoy it and as always, feel free to share your thoughts by emailing me or leaving a comment on this blog for all of the fuzzZone members to read!

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