Guitar Legend Jose Feliciano and his Rumble Seat!


Our close friend Chris Ameruoso called us up the other night with some exciting news. Chris is a professional photographer in Hollywood, CA. He is currently working on a book with Priscilla Presley. The book will include photos of celebrities wearing a pair of Elvis’s sun glasses. One of those celebrities is guitar legend Jose Feliciano. 

 Recently Jose joined Chris and his wife Daniela for a dinner party they were hosting at their home. Besides being a great photographer, Chris is also a fine guitarist. After they finished dinner Chris grabbed a couple of his guitars and he and Jose started to jam together. While they were playing Chris took out one of his Analog Alien guitar pedals, the Rumble Seat. Jose was so impressed with the sound of the Rumble Seat that he told Chris he had to get one for himself. When Chris heard that he said to Jose, “if you like it that much, you can have mine”. Chris took this photo of Jose just after he gave him the Rumble Seat. The photo really says it all. It’s  both and honor and a great feeling to have a guitar legend like Jose Feliciano use our pedal. And it’s also great to have a friend like Chris.

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