Guitar Player Magazine Editor’s Pick 2015


YES! We received an Editor’s Pick again this year in Guitar Player Magazine June 2015 issue. This time for our Alien Bass Station.

Michael Molenda writes “Bass Station, my ass – this is one of the hippest analog multi-drive units for guitar I’ve ever plugged into. Though, yes, it was designed for bassists who complained that guitar effects can compromise low-end response, the Bass Station also uncorks brilliant guitar tones. Gotta love synergy. The soft-knee Limiter is subtle enough to impose minimal “drag” on your pick attack – which I liked – and with the Limit/Comp and Sensitivity knobs down, and the Output knob dimmed, you get an awesome clean/treble boost. I liked clicking it off to get down to a more vocalist-friendly volume for the verses. The Amp Generator is based on vintage bass amps, but, man, this FET preamp can kick out some pretty sweet guitar sounds with growl, spank, and saturation. The most “bass-optimized” option is the Gamma Fuzz, which produces a slight edge until you crank the knob to get into apocalyptic guitar madness. But the killer app is that you can deploy all three sections individually or simultaneously. I had tons of fun mixing and matching the gain stages, or firing off at once. This lime green alien definitely brings sonic delight to earthling guitarists.”

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