New Endorsee: Tony Cardenas-Montana of Great White

It’s not rock and roll until you can’t see beyond your hair…

Tony Cardenas-Montana

This is singer/guitarist Tony Cardenas-Montana (Great White, Anna’s Brother, Platinum Master’s Monster Circus, Slash) rockin’ out with our Rumble Seat in tow.

He says “I was first attracted to the Rumble Seat for the warm, fat sound of the delay. It really caught my ear, but, then I tripped the reverb, and was equally pleased! However, it is the overdrive that has become my “go to” sound. The harmonic overtones are SO sweet sounding. I feel my guitar just begins to really “sing” when I kick it on. Gorgeous sounds…” He is one of our new endorsees.

We welcome him to the Analog Alien family!

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