New Rumble Seat Promotional Video!

Tony Pasko writes music for hit TV shows on A&E, Discovery, Spike TV, & The Weather Channel. His music is featured on A&E’s No.1 rated TV show “Duck Dynasty” and Discovery Channel’s “Porter Ridge”!

Tony uses Analog Alien pedals to record many of the guitar parts for these hit shows. Here’s Tony’s latest video featuring the Analog Alien Rumble Seat. The Rumble Seat was designed with rockabilly players in mind, but as Tony demonstrates the sonic textures of the Rumble Seat go way beyond rockabilly!

Another one of Tony’s main go to pedals is the Alien Twister. Tony has been using the Alien Twister to record several of his guitar parts for the TV Show “Porter Ridge”. Tune in to “Porter Ridge”, from the producers of Duck Dynasty, on Tuesdays 10:30/ 9:30c on Discovery to hear some of the magic Tony creates with the Alien Twister, the Rumble Seat and the FuzzBubble-45!

To find out more about Tony you can visit his website:

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