Pino Palladino Analog Alien Gear in Guitar & Bass


We are very excited to announced that we are highlighted in Guitar & Bass’s October 2015 issue that featured on The Who‘s gear and rig. You can read about Pino Palladino and his stage set up with our Alien Bass Station as a main staple. He also has our full line in his arsenal when on tour, which includes our Alien Twister, FuzzBubble-45, Rumble Seat, and a back up Alien Bass Station.

TheWho (1)-page-006  TheWho (1)-page-007   
Here is an excerpt from the article:

“He (Pino Palladino) then takes me to another flightcase, and inside is a small softcase housing Analog Alien effects; there’s a Rumble Seat drive/delay/reverb, which was recommended to both Palladino and Simon Townshend by Joe Walsh. In addition, there’s an Alien Bass Station, a FuzzBubble-45 and an Alien Twister Analogue Fuzz.” – Steve Clarke, Guitar and Bass Magazine

To read the full article including Michael Kaye‘s walk-through of all of Pino Palladino’s gear, you can go to

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