Joe Walsh

A great responsive limiter/compressor with pre-post option coupled to a channel strip – use it as a buffer,  EQ, clean boost, overdrive- This pedal is like adding another amp to your rig. I believe in it. Enjoy ! Share on Facebook Tweet This Post

Colin Linden

The Analog Alien Rumble Seat is one of the best sounding and versatile pedals I’ve ever played through. I’ve used the RumbleSeat this year on several tracks for the ABC hit Television show, “Nashville.” I’ve also used it in numerous live performances and I’m simply loving this pedal! This company has such a fantastic aesthetic […]

Tony Pasko

I used to own a bunch of fuzz pedals until I played the Fuzzbubble 45!  Now I only own a couple from Analog Alien. These guys know what a pedal should do and they understand that there is a performance aspect to the gear that it has to feel organic and let the personality of […]

Brian D. Johnston

Fabulous! There’s a reason why guitarists try to emulate the sounds of the legends, and that’s particularly true of men like Hendrix and Townshend… the tones are memorable and captivating. The FuzzBubble-45 has done the best at re-creating these sounds and with incredible flexibility to help you dial into your own signature ‘Hendrix’ or ‘Townshend’ […]

Joan Jett

I’m having so much fun with my “FuzzBubble-45,” at least when I can pry it away from Zach, my primo guitar tech, and Dougie Needles. Share on Facebook Tweet This Post